Do you have a certified
commercial kitchen that you
only use some of the time?

Did you Know commercial kitchen owners use their kitchens less than 50% of the time.

Think About It

Restaurant Turnover

According to the National Restaurant Association:

The turnover rate in the restaurants-and-accomadations sector rose to a post-recession high of 74.9 percent in 2018, prior to Covid.

Dine-in Experience

Statista Reports:

The year-over-year decline of seated diners in restaurants in the U.S. was a staggering 50.31 percent on November 28, 2020.

Solutions to Combat the
forever changed restaurant industry

Dynamic & Agile Flow

Innovate your commercial kitchen space by creating a consistent flow of small business restaurateurs or just share the space with a single restaurateur. You no longer have to bear the burden of all your overhead. Churches, private clubs, hotels managers etc. you can now outsource your space to a professional restaurateur and drive revenue on your space that is going unused. Restaurant Peer places multiple restaurateurs or a single one in your space and identifies & verifies your restaurateurs to insure they are properly licensed.

Shared Kitchen Experience

When multiple restaurateurs are placed in your facility you are creating a shared restaurant experience. This is already happening, you are just doing it on a smaller scale. By leveraging this tactic, you are creating more revenue generating options for yourself, the restaurateurs, and the opportunity to do more for your members.

For example, an ice cream shops customers do not come in until 2 p.m. Restaurant Peer places a baker in the shop in the morning, generating revenue for the kitchen owner while its not in use. Small business restaurateurs only need a few hours a day or even just once a week to prep and store their inventory.

Restaurant Peer's Easy-to-Use scheduling system creates a seamless transition between restaurateurs. and drive the extra revenue while you are not using your kitchen.

Mitigate Risk

It's all about community. When the burden of all the overhead is no longer placed on one facility and spread amongst several peers, the chance of turnover decreases. By decreasing a your overhead and the restaurateurs, both of you have more money to place toward marketing or other efforts to make your organization more successful.

When a community is created within individuals in the same segment, they can then learn and support each other as well. In turn, this reduces your risk because your facility never sits empty because you gave them an organic and affordable way to operate.

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