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“When you're running a restaurant, you have to change with the times; otherwise, the times will change you.”
~ Gordon Ramsy

Founders Story

commercial kitchen connectress

After working in the restaurant industry for over 10-years, Danielle was determined to start her own healthy fast-food establishment called Twisted Salads.  Danielle pursued those aspirations by completing her BS in Management with an emphasis on entrepreneurship and focused her studies on the restaurant industry. She further pursued her graduate course work, flipped her house, and set out to establish Twisted Salads.

Searching for the right location was a long and dreadful process.  After a year of searching, Danielle became concerned with the current market conditions and the lack of commercial kitchens that were available.  Colorado’s market had become too expensive and the dream of becoming a small business restaurateur was no longer feasible.

We have to change the restaurant industry, create more organic options for individuals who want to become a restaurateur and help the ones that already exist.

Danielle solved her own problem by finding a small business restaurateur to share a commercial kitchen with, but instead of starting her own restaurant, she decided take her solution, develop it for everyone, and founded Restaurant Peer.

Restaurant Peer connects individuals who have a commercial kitchen with individuals who need it. By applying the sharing economy to the restaurant industry, commercial kitchens become accessible, more affordable, while helping small business restaurateurs.

Now, the local ice cream shop, whose customers don’t arrive
until 2 p.m., can share their kitchen with a local baker in the morning when
it’s not in use.  This provides an additional revenue stream for the ice cream shop owner, while saving a local baker time and money.  With Restaurant
Peer’s services, a church or other organization who only uses their commercial kitchen occasionally, can outsource their commercial kitchen space, help a local restaurateur, while making money.

“The restaurant industry has always been volatile, but it doesn’t have to be. That’s why we’re on a mission to streamline and redefine the restaurant industry. We want to see more small business restaurateurs and foodprenuers everywhere.”

“We believe our communities have enough resources and infrastructure that can be reused and tapped into and through connection we can revive small businesses, non-profit organizations, and small business restaurateurs so they can help each other.”

Restaurant Peer is doing this by unlocking a nationwide network of commercial kitchens, making mobile restaurateurs truly mobile, and providing a pathway for organic growth, and applying new technologies to old school methodologies. Let’s Cook Up Connections!


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Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

Nicholas Hamilton-Archer

Executive Director of Executive Education at Carnegie Mellon University
Tepper School of Business

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Morgan Alu

Program and Communications Manager
Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce

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Rod Salyer

Rod Salyer

General Manager
Upshift Holdings LLC

Enterprise Architect & Growth Specialist

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Jason Eddings

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Andrew James

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Adam Given


What We Are Doing and Why...

We Believe...

Through connections, we believe we can revive small businesses, non-profits, and small business restaurateurs so they can help each other.
Our communities have plenty of resources and infrastructure that can be reused and tapped into.

We Are Doing It By....

Unlocking access to a nationwide network of licensed commercial kitchens.
Making mobile restaurateurs, truly mobile.
Providing a pathway for organic growth.
Applying new technologies to old school methodologies.

We Are Going to Be...

Your friend in the industry.

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